Abby Cums Harder With Clitoral Enlargement Cylinder

February 23, 2012

in Female Masturbation Videos

Welcome to the cutting edge of female sexual satisfaction! If you have never heard of the clitoral enlargement cylinder (also excitement) then you are in the right place. Abby C is using this handy device in order to stimulate her clitoris even more so that it becomes more sensitive to the touch. Until I watched this minute long clip of this naughty teen I had never heard of the device before. Time to step up to the plate guys and stimulate your woman’s pussy even more!

This gals pussy is wet and puffy, just how we like it around this blog. I am always trying to introduce new sexual devices and ideas so that we can better excite the women in our lives. Abby is doing it all herself with this see through cylinder, which suctions her clit to a new level of enjoyment.

Watch her video as she touches her tasty tits and then strokes her tender twat. After using the device Abby’s pussy got so sensitive that she could barely touch it without moaning and writhing.

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